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Selling with The Johnny Lin Team

The Johnny Lin Team recognises that achieving the best price for each and every home is not the only goal of home owners. Our goal is to achieve you the best price within the quickest possible time through providing the highest level of service and always ensuring that we are honest in all situations. 

Our team operates based on the advice that we give to all our potential clients, that you should hire the real estate agent that you feel most comfortable with and with a proven track record in the local area.

Being one of the most successful local agents in Brisbane’s northside, the Johnny Lin Team not only prides itself on getting the best price time and time again but we operate our team based on our four core values – People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous and Fun and Laughter. 

Our team truly believes that selling properties is more than a business transaction but one that is personal and can be a life changing experience for both sellers and buyers. By creating Win-Win situations between sellers and buyers our team develops lifelong relationships with all past and present clients. 

Our team also believes that it does not matter how good a single agent is, he/she cannot be at all places at all times. Therefore our team invests heavily in getting the right people that together have expertise covering all facets of real estate.

As part of the team, Johnny plays the role of dealing with sellers directly and negotiating all deals. Johnny’s strongest skill is his ability to put deals together and reaching the best result while ensuring that both parties have a smile on their face. With Johnny’s long list of achievements to date both professionally in the real estate industry as well as personally, you can rest assured that you are being looked after by the best. Johnny’s philosophy in real estate is that selling real estate is not only about making a living but it’s a lifestyle, and the gratitude that he gets from both sellers and buyers is one that is priceless and makes each and every day exciting. 

Hayley, the personal assistant of the team, is not only highly skilled but at the same time possesses the exceptional capability to connect with people. Hayley not only ensures that all buyers are being followed up constantly but that a strong, constant communication bridge is built between buyers and sellers. Hayley is able to provide sellers valuable advice on presenting their property to gain the best result, she has the natural ability to provide sellers an insight of what buyers find appealing to capture their emotional side.

David, the operations manager of the office plays a huge role towards the synergy of the team. David is considered to be the ‘man behind the scenes’. His role is one that is focused internally to ensure that all administrative, financial and legal sides of things are in order. Being an over achiever, graduating with an OP1 and a Bachelor in Pharmacy, there is no one that possesses the same level of capability that is in his role. 

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