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Property Management

Harcourts Pinnacle Property Management Services

Launching and Advertising Your Investment:

  • Have technically knowledge & experience to carry out the below criteria 
  • Supply modern & up-to-date resources, extensive technical support & expensive yearly subscriptions for appropriate industry websites
  • Regular research of the current rental market to provide honest & realistic rental appraisals
  • Confident rental research & organise current CMA reports (comparative marketing analyst)
  • Introduction meet & greet with the Owner to further explain your legal obligations
  • Thoroughly explaining the compliance laws and your legal obligations in full
  • Thoroughly explaining the Form 6 – Management Agreement, before signing
  • Photography (take in-house photos OR organise a professional photographer)
  • Organise script writing & advertising presentations with technical support (7 websites)
  • Organise rental signage for the property technical support
  • Organise private viewings & open home inspections
  • Organise keys for inspections, photocopy & document for security
  • Ring every tenant enquiry & screen accordingly
  • Follow up tenants after every inspection
  • Organise cleaning & carpets on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Organise repairs or maintenance on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Organise yard & garden maintenance on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Arrive 5 – 10min early to open curtains / doors / lighting etc. to display the property
  • Register tenants upon entry at every inspection with technical support to ensure security
  • Communicate with tenants, during their inspection to obtain further information
  • Close up the house, close all doors, blinds etc. and leave property the way we find it
  • Follow up potential tenants the next day to obtain their feedback


Application Process:

  • Supply technical knowledge & experience to carry out the following information & credential checks
  • Check all applications (one per person) to ensure it’s filled out correctly, signed appropriately, including the privacy disclosure
  • Ensure 100 points of ID for each person is obtained and checked thoroughly
  • Carry out and confirm credit checks on TICA (Tenant information checking association)
  • Carry out and confirm credit checks on VEDA (Tenant data base – work visas / bankruptcy)
  • Carry out and confirm employment references – current and previous employers if necessary
  • Carry out and confirm rental references – current and previous agencies if necessary
  • Personal checks with technical support
  • Prepare all the required  Tenancy Documents to commence your tenancy:
    • The RTA Form 18a – The General Tenancy Agreement
    • The RTA Form 2 – Bond lodgement form
    • The RTA Form 1a – Entry report
    • The RTA Form 17a – the information statement
    • The Body Corporate by-laws (if applicable)
    • Lodgement of the required documents with the RTA (Government Department)
  • Prepare all keys and remotes for property - photocopy and document for a tenant handover
  • Prepare a thorough entry condition report - approximately 2-5 hours plus photos
  • Prepare and arrange a meet and greet with your tenant to sign the lease agreement and further explain their obligations, as per the legislation (approximately 1/2 hour)


 During the Tenancy:


  • Have technically knowledge & experience to carry out the following criteria
  • Ongoing, comprehensive, regular emails of communication with the owner and tenant
  • Carry out daily trust accounting & rental receipting & reporting
  • Communicate with late rental payments either: phone call, text message or email (this is done on a daily bases)
  • Knowledge & experience to read a trust account statement & to explain further if necessary
  • Knowledge & experience to communicate either in person or over the phone to further explain a trust account rental ledger – to an owner or a tenant
  • Organise, type and send out remedy breaches if necessary (different legal obligations are necessary for each circumstance)
  • Check and pay owners invoices i.e.: rates, water, power, insurances etc.
  • Carry out & pay regular repairs/maintenance invoices for tradespersons
  • Knowledge & experience to carry out a mid-month & end of month trust rental disbursements
  • Organise regular entry notices for  inspections or maintenance (different legal obligations are necessary for each circumstances)
  • Carry out regular routine Inspections every 4 months: Attend the property and inspect accordingly, take photos if necessary  (approx. time is 20 minutes per property), and further discuss tenancy & property condition with tenants, if present
  • Complete a written routine report and attach photos accordingly, emailing the completed report to the owner along with the photos
  • Organise and attend to any maintenance or repairs, as per an owners instructions, with informed, professional advice if requested
  • Obtain quotes for repairs if necessary and arrange the entry notice between the tradesperson & the tenant
  • Tenancy renewals, negotiation and mediation with tenants to maximise your income
  • Conduct regular research of the rental market to optimise your rental income
  • Contact owner to confirm instructions to renew or vacate the tenant accordingly
  • Organise and communicate with the tenant for a new lease offer or follow up with a notice to leave
  • Negotiating rent adjustment between a tenant and an owner if applicable
  • Organize further paper work for a new tenancy renewal – RTA Form 18a Tenancy Agreement
  • Lodging a bond increase if application and if the rent has been increased
  • Scan all documentation for each owner, property and tenant in the appropriate file


 Tenant Vacating Process:


  • Have technical knowledge & experience to carry out the following criteria
  • Complete a thorough exit condition report – approximately 2-5 hours + photos
  • Communicate, mediate & negotiate with the tenants before the their bond is refunded
  • If necessary & applicable, prepare legal documents with the RTA for a dispute resolution
  • Be accessible & professionally prepared for a conference call with the RTA & the tenant to resolve a dispute
  • Prepare all relevant  QCAT documents, photocopy all necessary documents and lodge with QCAT
  • Help organize owners Landlord insurance if necessary
  • Prepare a thorough entry condition report for your new tenant moving in  – approximately 2-5 hours + photos


Further Knowledge and Experience

  • Water compliancy laws
  • Smoke alarm compliancy laws (New & old)
  • Blind compliancy laws
  • Swimming pool compliancy laws
  • Knowledge & experience of current rental market
  • Landlord insurance knowledge (tenant protection)
  • Body corporate by-laws
  • RTRA regulations / tenancy rules
  • RTRA ACT / Legislation for Landlords and Tenants
  • Property Occupations Act / legal forms used for your legal obligations
  • Mediation dispute resolution  & consultation
  • QCAT documentation for court hearings
  • QCAT proceedings & attendance
  • Centrelink payments / statements & tenancy procedures
  • Defence procedures and regulations
  • Familiar with the Building code regulations / health & safety
  • Familiar with the fencing / tree acts


Our High Expectations and Promise to You


  • Outstanding and extensive communication skills
  • Knowledge & experience with  regular & thorough legislation training
  • Zero tolerance for rental arrears, maintenance & maintaining your property
  • Maturity, wisdom & common-sense
  • Complete honesty & integrity
  • Team work & accountability
  • Personal approach - always
  • Diligent & efficient work policies & procedures
  • We work & think  outside the square
  • Our industry passion 


Andrea and I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing agent for us. You were always there when we had a problem and we really appreciate it. You are hands down the best real estate agent we have had by far.

Michael and Andrea


I would like to express my gratitude for the efficiency and expediency you have demonstrated in getting xx Street rented. Other agencies used by my late father's EPOA were not as expedient in renting the property. I look forward to continuing the professional relationship with you



I am super thankful that I have you as a property manager. You really do go above and beyond for me and your quick response to all my queries is just amazing. You set a high standard of customer service that is often hard to find in any business these days.



I've worked with several real estate agents in both Brisbane and Melbourne over the last 10 years and I can honestly say that none of them have displayed the balance of professionalism and personality that you have. It's been my pleasure.



You have been professional from day 1 and I've especially appreciated being kept up-to-date through out the entire process. The team at Harcourts have been great to deal with and made the stressful tasks of renting out my property a smooth process



And thank you again to the whole team for how excellently you have been managing our property. We had a horrible manager before yourselves and the professionalism that your team shows is a breath of fresh air


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